BEONE group 0+ (0-13kg)

BEONE car seat group 0+ (0-13kg)

From birth to 13kg

The BEONE group 0+ car seat (0-13kg) is designed in France and approved according to the ECE R44/04 standard. It is a group 0+ car seat, which can only be positioned rearward facing position in the front of the vehicle with the airbag deactivated or in the rear. The car seat can be adapted to pushchairs with the appropriate adapters.

It has a 3-point harness with central adjustment, a removable canopy and a carrying handle. It is easy to carry and install in the car. The BEONE car seat is secured in the car with the 3-point safety belt. The BEONE car seat can be supplied with a belt base for easy installation.

4 star ADAC award
The BEONE car seat has been tested 3 times by ADAC, the consumer organisation that tests car seats on the market. The BEONE car seat has been awarded 4 out of 5 stars on 3 times, which means that it is highly recommended by the ADAC for its safety and ease of use.


Beone, safety and comfy baby car seat

BEONE car seat, designed in FRANCE

  • Designed 100% in France (Rhône Alpes)
  • Certified in France according to ECE R44/04
  • Awarded 4 stars in ADAC/TCS tests
  • Positioning only rearward facing position in the car

BEONE : safety and comfortable

  • 3-point harness with central adjustment
  • Padded headrest and cushions for the newborn
  • Side impact protection
  • Attachment with the 3-point seat belt

Available in travel system

  • Adaptable to our strollers with adapters
  • Very light and easy to carry
  • Carrying handle and removable canopy


  • Designed in FRANCE (Rhône Alpes)
  • Awarded 4 stars in ADAC/TCS
  • Rearward facing position installation
  • 3-point harness
  • Side impact protection
  • Body support cushions
  • Fixed with 3-point safety belt
  • Available with a fixed base
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Carrying handle and removable canopy

Easy to install

BEONE, for babies from birth to 13kg