Team Tex offers a wide range of car seats that are modern in design and look. For several years, Team Tex has collaborated with some of the most recognized brands worldwide.

Team Tex’s objective is to make its car seats available and accessible to everyone. Therefore, even our licensed car seats that are designed internally are at affordable prices to all. The licensed car seats offer wide choices for parents and will bring smiles to children who will be amazed to find their favorite heroes on the car seats.



Team Tex is a licensed partner of Disney since 2012

We offer Disney licensed car seats with designs of your children’s favorite heroes like Frozen, Princesses, Cars, and of course Mickey and Minnie. Our beautiful designs will bring joy to your children and will make their trip in the car an adventurous ride.

All car seat designs are validated by Disney to match the different characters and their theme. Your children will adore our car seat designs with their favorite Disney characters and will be happy to go on a magical journey.

All of our Disney licensed car seats are manufactured and tested in France under very strict standards and regulations. We continuously update the fashion of our Disney licensed car seats to make sure that our designs remain up to date.


The iconic and most beloved Disney character is Mickey Mouse. Mickey brings joy, a sense of adventure, and excitement to every child.  We offer a variety of Mickey car seat designs.


What would Mickey be without his lifelong friend Minnie?  Our Minnie car seat designs are full of bright and trendy colors to make your child’s ride more fun. Minnie is a true fashionista, with true passion for fashion, Minnie’s collection of car seats is as colorful as her character.


Montgomery “Lightning” McQueen and his friends from Cars have thrilled children and connected with families through their story of friendship and the excitement of the open road.  Children, start your engine and test drive our beautifully designed Cars’ car seats.

La Reine des Neiges

Elsa and Anna, the bravest and most powerful sisters. One captures us with its beauty and power, and the other moves us with its generosity and spontaneity. Their personalities are magnetic and our car seat designs are the perfect reflection of their beautiful character.

Toy Story

To infinity and beyond! Reach the stars with Buzz the Lightning, or solve crimes with Disney’s famous Sheriff Woody. Toy Story takes us on a journey into a wonderful and adventurous world.  Our collection of Toy Story car seats is playful and authentic as Buzz and Woody’s characters.

Les Princesses

Castles, princesses, knights and witches… One can only admire the magnificent Disney Princesses, each one is more beautiful and courageous than the other. Discover our collection of car seats that will showcase all the little princesses of modern times.




Mattel specializes in children’s games and toys and features many iconic characters. We have the privilege of holding licenses for Barbie, Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price.

We offer wide range of car seats of the three Mattel brands.

Our mission is to make our children’s car seats accessible to all. With a range of licensed car seats, children have the bliss of travelling in car seats in the colors of their favorite characters.  We make journeys more exciting and fun and above all safer.

The Mattel licensed car seats are designed and manufactured in France and comply with all relevant European standards.

Fisher Price

The Fisher Price brand and products awakens the senses of babies, develops their motor skills and imagination and promotes their growth. The Fisher-Price licensed car seats are made in our factory and meet all relevant safety standards and regulations.


Timeless and mesmerizing Barbie is the ageless doll for young girls. Barbie never ceases to surprise us and fascinate us with its beauty and allure. The Barbie car seat collection will delight the little ones and make them travel safely and in style.


From cars, motor racing, speed and exceptional circuits, the Hot Wheels brand offers miniature cars that look just like the real ones. Our Hot Wheels car seats have been designed with as much attention and character as toys.




Throughout many generations, the fantasy universe of Marvel heroes continues to fascinate us. The Marvel heroes include the fantastic Avengers, a group of superheroes who fight tirelessly to protect the Earth.

TEAM TEX features its MARVEL license car seats with some of the main superheroes. We offer must-have car seats with unique designs. Unveil the hero within you with one of our Marvel car seats.

Our licensed car seats are manufactured and tested in France.


Avengers Assemble. Ready to combine their strength and power to protect the earth and humanity, the Avengers are incredible and heroic. Your child can also reveal the hero in him with one of our Avengers car seats. An entire collection dedicated to Marvel heroes.


If your child’s Spider-Sense is tingling it means that they love our Spiderman car seats.  TEAM TEX has designed super modern Spiderman car seats with colors that will fit with all vehicles.

Captain America

A kid from Brooklyn who becomes a superhero who saves America, such is the story of the famous Captain America. With the beautiful designs of the Captain America car seats, we may not be able to save the world …. but our car seats will keep your child better secure.

Iron Man

The charismatic Tony Spark is as surprising as he is ingenious, and we can, certainly, say that he has a definite taste for beautiful things. We have transcribed the beautiful burgundy red of his armor onto our car seats that are just as remarkable as Iron Man himself. Choose your destiny!


The incredible Hulk has managed to make a place for himself among the Avengers super heroes and we are all Fans. The incredible Hulk car seat designs are just as powerful in their look, as the super hero character