GIULIA stroller 0-36 months

GIULIA 2 in 1 pram

For children from 0 to 36 months (15Kg max)

The GIULIA pram is a modern, handy, practical and easy to fold pram. It is a pushchair with a backrest that can be transformed into a soft carrycot and can be used from the birth of baby. From the age of 6 months onwards, you can easily transform the pram and position the carrycot in such a way that it becomes the seat of a pram. It is possible to position the baby facing you or facing the road.

The GIULIA pushchair has a large canopy, a storage basket, an adjustable 5-point harness, large rear wheels and a footrest for baby. The pram folds easily in 1 operation, with or without the seat.

Travel system

The GIULIA pram is compatible with the Beone group 0+ (0-13kg) car seat, which is easily clipped onto the pram using adapters. In this configuration, it is necessary to remove the seat of the pram in order to clip on the BEONE car seat. The car seat can be placed on the pram with the baby facing you or facing the road.

Giulia, usable in Travel system with Beone car seat

Giulia pram: for children from birth

  • For children from birth to 36 months
  • Adjustable backrest and footrest
  • Seat converts into a carrycot for babies up to 6 months

Compatible with the Beone car seat

  • Beone car seat for children from 0 to 13 Kg
  • Adapters included to allow the seat to be clipped onto the pram
  • The 2 front wheels are 360° swivelling and equipped with shock absorbers

Easy folding with or without the seat

  • Folding with seat in road-facing version – possible to fold without seat
  • Large storage basket and removable canopy
  • LaModern and robust pram with large rear wheels


  • For children from 0 to 36 months
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest
  • Seat converts to a carrycot from 0 to 6 months
  • Removable canopy and handrail
  • Leg covers included
  • Folding with ou without the seat
  • Compatible in Travel system with Beone car seat
  • 5-point harness
  • Large storage basket
  • 360° swivel wheels with shock absorbers
  • Rain cover and changing bag included
  • Complete pram package for the birth of your baby

Easy to handle and comfortable

GIULIA, 2 in 1 pram accessible and modern