Strollers and babies accessories

Team Tex offers you practical and modern strollers that will follow parents and babies on every journey.

Our strollers are not manufactured in our factory, but are selected by our team directly on the Chinese market. All strollers have been chosen for their comfort, practicality and design. We renew our collections and our strollers every year in order to always offer you the best strollers on the market.

The strollers we offer for sale are all guaranteed for 2 years. The guarantee covers material defects under normal use of the product.

We also offer travel systems that can be fitted to our group 0+ car seats (the Beone model), which allows parents to have a pram and a baby car seat that can be clipped together for easy outings.

Our travel system is very practical because you can position the group 0+ car seat directly on the pram thanks to the adapters so that you can go out without disturbing baby.



Our strollers and Travel system

LILI stroller

Compact, the LILI stroller can be used from birth and is very easy to maneuver for parents. It is ideal for city walks and takes up very little space in the car. It folds easily in 2 steps and offers optimal comfort to baby.

The LILI stroller has a storage basket, a removable canopy with visor, a removable handrail and a foot cover.

CASSY stroller

Usable from 6 months, the CASSY stroller will follow you in all your movements. So practical and light, it folds easily with one hand and takes up very little space.

Equipped with a handrail, a storage basket, and a removable canopy, the CASSY stroller reclines completely for an ideal lying position for baby’s naps.

ORLA stroller

The ORLA stroller is a new generation city stroller with an easy and quick automatic folding. It is a compact stroller with a modern design and very practical for city walks.

The ORLA stroller will follow you everywhere and will allow strolls with baby without encumbrance.

GAYA stroller

A light and handy stroller, ideal for all outings with baby. The GAYA stroller is compact, easy to fold in one hand and approved for travel in the cabin.

The GAYA stroller can be used from birth up to a maximum weight of 15kg and has a small handlebar for baby, a storage basket and a removable canopy. The backrest can be easily reclined for a better comfort for baby.

GAYA twin stroller

Sturdy and comfortable, the GAYA double stroller is ideal for twins. It is a side-by-side double stroller that has two independent backrests that you can lay down separately.

Easy to fold, the GAYA Double Stroller has the dimensions to fit through doors. It is very practical and space saving for a double stroller.

RUBY stroller

The RUBY stroller is a stroller that can be used from birth to 4 years old!  It has an automatic folding system; the stroller folds by itself thanks to a folding button located under the handlebar.

Solid stroller, equipped with a storage basket, a removable canopy, a reclining back and a footrest.

Poussette POLO

La poussette POLO est utilisable en travel system avec le siège auto BEONE groupe 0+. C’est une poussette simple d’utilisation, avec de larges roues qui lui permettent d’emprunter des chemins caillouteux.

Design moderne pour la poussette POLO qui est maniable, et qui offre confort et sécurité à votre bébé pour toutes vos balades.

Poussette GIULIA

La poussette GIULIA est très moderne utilisable dès la naissance et ultra fonctionnelle. Elle dispose d’une assise qui se transforme en nacelle pour les nouveaux-nés. Elle est utilisable en travel system avec le siège auto BEONE.

La poussette GIULIA permet de positionner bébé face à vous ou face à la route. Elle est facile à plier et très confortable pour bébé.

Poussette TEXAS

Ultra pratique et disponible en plusieurs pack, la poussette TEXAS peut être utilisée seule, ou en travel system avec un siège auto coque BEONE groupe 0+ ou avec une nacelle souple. C’est une poussette utile et facile à utiliser avec un excellent rapport qualité-prix.

Grâce à son grand panier de rangement et son large canopy, vous pourrez vous balader pendant des heures avec bébé.

Our baby accessories: high chairs and cots

LUNA high chair

The LUNA high chair can be used from 6 to 36 months and as a low chair from 3 to 5 years. It is equipped with a harness, a removable and adjustable shelf with easy to clean tray.

It is very light and easy to handle: only 4.6 kg

CARLA high chair

CARLA high chair for babies from 6 to 36 months. Very practical, the backrest and the height are easily adjustable to adapt to your daily life.

It is equipped with a harness, a shelf with a tray and a washable over-tray that you can put in the dishwasher.

EVA high chair

The EVA high chair is a 2 in 1 high chair, it can be used as a high chair from 6 months and then it can be used as a child chair + small desk from 3 years.

It is equipped with a harness, a shelf with a washable tray and over tray that you can put in the dishwasher and adjustable in 4 positions.

MADY hig chair

The MADY high chair can be used from 6 months. It is equipped with a harness, a removable and adjustable shelf with an easy to clean tray.

High chair, small chair, booster seat or stool, MADY has not finished surprising you!


SODA folding bed for babies from birth to 15kg max. It folds easily and takes up little space. Ideal for short stays or nights away from home with baby.

The cot can also be used as a playpen for baby’s awakening moments.


DODI baby bedside

Cododo DODI for babies from 0 to 6 months. To be installed next to your bed so that baby sleeps safely next to you.

The bed has 5 height positions to adapt to all bed sizes.


The LIDO 3-in-1 folding baby bed is very stylish and can be used as a crib from birth to 6 months but also as a playpen or cot from 6 to 24 months.

The LIDO folding bed is easy to assemble and can be folded to save space. It can be used from birth to 24 months.


The cododo is adapted for babies from 0 to 6 months, you can sleep serenely with baby next to you. Height adjustable in 5 positions, mattress of 4 cm thickness.

The cododo is equipped with a transport bag.

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